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Dragomir, Lefter, Niță & Asociații Law Firm offers strategic legal services to an extensive clientele providing top-notch legal guidance paired with personalized attention to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. We prioritize recruiting brilliant legal minds and assembling dynamic teams. Furthermore, we cultivate a culture of empowerment among our lawyers by upholding ethical practices and fostering effective collaboration between the members of our team, on every case.

Embracing Legal Excellence:
The Growth of DLN&A.

Since our start in 1996, Dragomir, Lefter, Niță & Asociații Law Firm has relentlessly pursued growth and evolution to meet the demands of clients while adapting to the ever-changing legal landscape in Romania.

Putting Clients First: Tailoring Legal Strategies and Solutions to Achieve our clients’ Goals.

At the core of our firm’s operations lies a fundamental truth – clients are everything. That’s why we make it our priority to tailor legal strategies and solutions that align with our clients’ goals and needs. We spare no effort in dedicating ample time towards achieving this pivotal goal.

Preventing Legal Disputes, Maximizing Client Success: Proactive Conflict Resolution and Efficient Case Management

Our proactive approach in resolving conflicts before they escalate has resulted in avoidance of litigation, ultimately benefiting our clients.
Through our responsible management of legal cases and projects, we are achieving the desired outcomes while effectively managing expenses and time.

Legal Excellence: Powerful Partnerships and Pragmatic Solutions for Success.

Our legal prowess knows no bounds thanks to our partnerships with experts in diverse fields.
We know that business is all about achieving favorable outcomes, which is why we adopt a pragmatic approach to every case we handle.

Here we foster a culture that celebrates and leverages the unique perspectives and expertise of each team member. At our law firm, we proudly nurture a culture that embraces and harnesses the diverse perspectives and expertise of each team member. With our dedicated support, our clients can confidently anticipate positive results.

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Achieving Excellence: Our Unwavering Commitment to Client Success

Our results and success are primarily attributed to the unwavering trust bestowed upon us by our clients.

At Dragomir, Lefter, Niță & Asociatii Law Firm, we offer our legal services to a diverse range of clients – from multinational corporations and mid-market investors to public administrative bodies. Our steadfast dedication to advocating for our client’s best interests has been instrumental in promoting conservative growth within or law firm.

Although times have changed, one thing that still is constant is our staunch commitment towards achieving excellence. We believe that only the most proficient lawyers can handle complex and challenging cases with ease while maintaining an unparalleled standard of quality; this belief will continue guiding us through another three decades of service.

Unrestricted openness and accountability

At Dragomir, Lefter, Niță & Asociații Law Firm, we recognize that the cost of legal services is a crucial factor for our clients.

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing financial certainty and flexibility on all projects. We collaborate closely with each client to determine the scope of their project and decide on an appropriate fee structure based on quality, quantity, and expertise required from our lawyers.
Our fees can be set up through various methods such as global or hourly rates with estimated budgets depending upon what works best for our clients.

Global Expertise: Leveraging Our International Network for Exceptional Client Support

Our firm is equipped to effectively guide clients through cross-border transactions and international assignments thanks to our active membership in Law Europe International.
This multinational network of independent law firms offers legal assistance across the globe, ensuring that member firms can supply comprehensive services wherever their clients operate.

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Empowering Communities: Fostering Education, Equality, and Environmental Sustainability.

Our efforts to promote education and equality have a profound impact on the communities we serve. By forging stronger connections with them, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint while supporting initiatives that benefit the environment.